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One day a little monster named max decide to take a stroll through the haunted woods. In the woods he found a mysterious cave. Monster max loved to explore creepy things so he decide to wander inside. The cave was spooky inside and filled with creepy crawlers. There was a bright shining light at the end of the cave. Monster max walked towards it and saw the most beautiful red diamond he had ever seen. Monster max walked towards it and kicked it to the ground, apparently monster max didnt prefer shiny things. The diamond fell to the ground and yelled “ouch”. Monster max got startled and ran behind a rock. He asked the diamond could speak to which the diamond replied “ I’m not just a diamond, I’m a rare one and I can give you one wish now that you’ve summoned me” Monster max took a while to guess what he wanted, he asked the diamond to turn him into the scariest monster ever, but the diamond had already given that wish away and couldn’t repeat any wishes. After not getting his first few wishes, monster max axed the diamond to give him any wish that was left. The diamond thought for a long time and finally got it. He was Going to give his last wish to monster max. The diamond closed his eyes and and dust started to gather around monster max. Monster max was excited to see what he was getting and when he didn’t feel any different he asked the diamond what he gave him. The diamond replied “ I gave you the super amazing wish of.......making the best burgers in the region” Monster max was not impressed but accepted the wish since it was free. Today monster max has become the best burger maker in town. His journey continues as he faces new challenges every day.

Monster Max Cuisine