The Haunted Zinger

A take on a classic. We gave our twist on the zinger to match with the legends. We fuse our chicken in a mix of blended spices and toss that bad boy in the deep fryer


Master Monster Chef

Master Monster Chef We want to make it easy on your budget. We created the perfect chicken patty to give maximum flavor. We add our Monster Max Sauce to complete the experience


The Sweet Crispy Madness

Monster Max signature crispy chicken fused with our hand made sweet and sour sauce. We add iceberg lettuce to compliment the flavors and to top it all off, we add our Special blended sauce into the mix to complete the perfect burger.


The Fire Chicken Attack

We make our handmade fire sauce to compliment our crispy chicken in a fiery way. The mix of spicy and tangy creates an experience that can be matched by no other


The Monster Max Supreme

We take it back to the basics with our marinated beef patties. We then add our mix of sauces and top it all off with some pickles